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The DIFC LCIA Arbitration Centre is founded on a strategic partnership between two institutions whose individual and complementary sets of strengths add great value to their association. The mission of this partnership is to promote more effective resolution of international business disputes through arbitration and mediation worldwide.

The LCIA is one of the longest-established international institutions for commercial dispute resolution. It is also one of the most modern and forward-looking; playing a significant part in the development of arbitration practice.

The LCIA is a thoroughly international institution, providing efficient, flexible and impartial administration of dispute resolution proceedings for all parties, regardless of their location, and under any system of law.

The history of the LCIA can be traced back to 1883, when the Court of Common Council of the City of London set up a committee to draw up proposals for the establishment of a tribunal for the arbitration of trans-national commercial disputes. The institution was formally inaugurated in 1892 as the London Chamber of Arbitration and it was re-named, in 1981, as the London Court of International Arbitration to reflect the international nature of its work.

The Dubai International Financial Centre was established in 2004 as a financial centre to serve the region between Western Europe and East Asia. With its envious location at the crossroads of the major international capital markets of New York and London in the West, and Hong Kong in the East, Dubai is an onshore hub that connects the countries of this region through a 24x7 global network.

The DIFC is now ranked as the world's fastest-growing international financial centre, and continues to attract international clients from around the world. Through various initiatives, the DIFC is at the forefront of efforts to create an environment for progress and economic development in the UAE, and in the wider region.

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